『Name:GLRZ TYPE FOUR-HEAD VIBRATION STAKING MACHINE 』『Date:2020-08-15 』『Click:2825 』
Product details:

◆ Microcomputer controled;The operation is ease, quick,and accurate.◆ It is suitable to feels weak each kind of leather. ◆ The stretch organization separately uses the tooth to Kong Jichi to the tooth structural style,about the vertical movement,has intense extending,feels weak the effect,also is not easy to leave behind the processing trace. ◆ This type noise is small,installs the machinery not to need to build the foundation,only must put the machinery to the reliable ground can use,this machine base installs the absorption of shock air cushion installment,prevents the vibration,causes to be very small to theearth shock. ◆ Compares the weight with other similar machineries heavily,the weight center of gravity in the machinery lower part,the stability is stong.


Specification/Basic data Working widthVibration frequencyFeeding speedTotal powerWorking pressure fo oil pumpOverall dimensionWeight160-4Head1600MM600T/M0-20M/Min22KW3.5-4.5MPa2220*2970*161011t240-4Head2400MM600T/M0-20M/Min22.7KW4.5-5.5MPa3020*2970*161015t320-4Head3200MM600T/M0-20M/Min27.9KW4.5-5.5MPa3820*2970*161018t

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