『Name:GJST THROUGHFEED SAMMYING MACHINE 』『Date:2020-08-15 』『Click:4240 』
Product details:

  This type of machine is suitable for the squeezing and spreading of  wetblue leather,such as pig and cattle hide.After finished processed on the machine, the moisture in the leather is about 50%,and perfect elimination of crease completely fits the precise split needs.Wide working surface is especially suitable for total cattle hide processing .The machine ease the work strength of operators,improve the productivity,and can be continuously used.
1. Feeding speed of leather can be adjusted according to the request of technology of leather.
2. Equip with spreading blade rollers to spread or setting-out the leather.No crease on the leather after it processed,so increase the leather rate.
3. Hydraulic system contains a variable displacement vane pump and hydraulic accumulator;ensure the working pressure stable and equalization sammying efficiency;save the consumption of power and protect units.
4. The felts tension rollers on the top.front and back area are covered with Plastic-reinforced fiberglass,it’s well anti-corrupted and guarantee long life.

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